Expand your career chances during BCF Career Event – 14 May 2014

Are you almost finished with your PhD and looking for a job? Do you want to know more about the current labour market? Visit BCF Career Event, the largest career event for Life Sciences, Chemistry, Food and Pharma, on May 14th in Amsterdam RAI.  Listen to inspiring presentations, meet relevant employers and talk to a career coach about your career!

During BCF Career Event there is also the possibility for PhD students to promote their research and win a poster price at the AcademicExpo. This Expo is organized for the 2nd time as part of BCF Career Event, in collaboration with AcademicTransfer. For more information, visit www.academicexpo.nl.




Welcome to the website of PromoVE!

PromoVE, the consultative PhD body of the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e) in The Netherlands is an association that protects the interests of PhD candidates including “OiO’s” connected to the TU/e. Besides this, PromoVE tries to create a platform that allows PhD candidates to exchange information and offer individual help to PhD candidates of the TU/e with questions or problems of legal nature.

Besides this, we try to fulfill a social role, bringing PhD candidates together, by organizing social events.

Some 15 years ago, PhD candidates of the TU/e organized themselves and the AiOOE (“AiO Overleg Eindhoven) was born with the main goal to protect the interests of PhD candidates at the TU/e. With the change of the function of AiO into PhD candidate (“Promovendus” in Dutch), the name was changed into PromoVE (Promovendi Vereniging Eindhoven).

PromoVE is an independent representative body of the PhD candidates at the TU/e and is officially registered at the chamber of commerce. We act accordingly. All PhD candidates including OiO’s connected to the TU/e can become a member. Membership is free of costs and obligations.

PromoVE is also associated with the national body for PhD candidates, the Promovendi Netwerk Nederland (PNN).
Young scientists can find some useful information about their career and interests on VAWO (a platform for researchers to say about the scientific process and their own work situation).

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